Turn visitors into community.

Discord meets Intercom: convert, engage, learn from, and build relationships with your users. Join people already chatting on your site with the Relay extension. Try Relay for free with just a script tag.

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IRC Relay Chat Screenshot

What's Relay?

With just a script tag, Relay adds group chat and direct messaging to your website, giving you all the social features of Discord without your users having to leave you site. Think of Relay as Intercom meets Discord. With Relay's social proof, your users do the support and sale work for you, leading to better acquisition, support, customer feedback, and retention. We even provide moderation tools for peace of mind.

Relay is also a browser extension, so people are chatting on your site right now. It's time to make the most of out the community right at your fingertips.

How will Relay help my site?

AcquireChat with and convert your visitors. New vistors will chat with your best users, providing the social proof, urgency, and support for them to convert.
SupportTap into a new kind of support: community support. Tap into your userbase to onboard new users and turn them into productive members of your community.
Learn and RetainGet instant feedback from all of your site's visitors. Build on their feedback and keep them around by chatting about your busiiness.

Try Relay for Free

<script src="https://host.relaychat.app"></script>