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IRC Relay Chat Screenshot

This is the future of anonymity my friends. This is wicked smart. Like mopping floors at MIT and solving chalk board problems type smarts.

Hey, welcome to xD

This is where the real people talk on Facebook lol


I have never seen this concept before

A New Kind of Internet Relay Chat

Our extension adds anonymous, IRC-style chat to every website. With Relay, every domain has a built-in chat-based community that’s at most a click away. We make relevant communication as easy as possible. We built Relay to provide a categorically more seamless social experience. We’ve given every domain its own community in a web that’s increasingly dominated by only a few unscrupulous social platforms. We couldn’t be more excited to have you join us.

People are already using Relay to get help on Stackoverflow, engage with their own site’s visitors, watch shows together on Netflix, solicit career advice on LinkedIn, talk to other developers on localhost, instantly connect in online classrooms, leave their mark on Google, and pretty much anything else you can think of. People are chatting live right now on this website. Join us in re-opening the Internet.