Relay adds a live chat community to your website for free with just a script tag.

<script src=""></script>

The future
of user engagement

With the Relay script tag, every web page is its own Discord-style chatroom, and all of your website's visitors join automatically. Unlike with other chat apps, your users never have to leave your website. Copy and paste the script tag, and you'll instantly unlock your website's potential as a chat community.

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Lightweight and
cutting-edge chat

Relay Chat comes in a small, performant package, but we didn't skimp on features. We've given you all the goodies you've come to expect from a modern chat application, including reactions, threads, mentions, moderation tools powered by artificial intelligence, and even push notifications. That's right: when you mention one of your website's visitors, they'll get a push notification even after they've left your site.

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Quality support
takes a community

You're not the only expert on your website. Relay Chat empowers your best users to support newcomers all day every day, even when you're away. Chatting with these same users will give you live feedback on your product. With Relay Chat, both you and your visitors can instantly tap into the wisdom of your community.

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Exponential growth
for free

Think of Relay as supercharged live, interactive social proof. Chatting with you and your community increases trust, credibility, and sales. Not to mention every single message is shareable, making your website potentially viral every time someone clicks the send button. Mentions, replies, reactions, and push notifications keep your users coming back to your website.

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